Use Me Here

As Christians, this needs to be our prayer. We all have plans, desires, and dreams but all of that must never come before God’s plans for us. Giving our future to God can be one of the most difficult things we ever do. Spiritually though, it can be a moving experience. Trading our plans for God’s can strengthen our relationship with Him.

God can use us anywhere He wants, anyway He wants. Sometimes we lose God’s will by trying to serve Him the way we want to. Our intentions and goals are right but we would see better results if we followed God’s plans instead of our own.

Don’t let God’s work pass you by. Just because you think you can’t be used in a situation doesn’t mean that God doesn’t want to use you. God doesn’t always call the qualified, sometimes He qualifies the called. Allow God to put you where He wants you and use you how He wants to.


5 thoughts on “Use Me Here”

  1. What you said reminded me a lot about something I’ve been studying here lately. I’ve been reading about Dorcas/Tabitha in Acts. She used her talents to help those in need. She was not concerned with the talents that she did NOT possess. She knew she was capable of something and used it for God’s glory. I believe the Bible also calls her a disciple. I think sometimes we worry about the things we can do nothing about, when all around us there are things we could be helping with in God’s work. Sometimes my efforts seem small, but God measures the heart. Pray that I will learn to do what He’s asked, and not worry about the things I can’t do.


    1. That is so true. What I love most about the story of Tabitha is, like you said, she used the talents she had for the good of others and God used her healing to bring glory to His name. Thank you Bethany for commenting and I will pray for you. 🙂


      1. Hey girl. I have been following your blog here lately, and I really like it. It really speaks to me. Some of the things I have gone thru too, and some of them I’m STILL going thru. you’ve inspired me to open up more to people and just be honest about having problems/trials and allowing people to see that I am just a person and I need prayer too. I think at times we hold ourselves to such a high standard that we don’t allow others to share the burden or care about us. We don’t want anyone to see us as weak. But the Bible tells us to bear one anothers burdens, so if I don’t share with anyone, I can’t allow God to use them to help me. Does that sound right? Sometimes if I talk it all out it starts to make sense. lol. anyway, I’ve got to get to bed. I have to start packing for Bro. Danny’s campmeeting. Do you know if you’ll get to be there? I would love to see you. Good night dear. hope to hear from you soon!


      2. I’m so glad that God is using this blog to touch people. It is my continual prayer for Him to use me.

        It is a help when we are able to share our burdens with a fellow Christian. This can sometimes make them seem a little lighter, especially with uplifting encouragement. If you ever need an ear, I’m here for you.

        I am excited about campmeeting. We’ll be there, Lord willing. Looking forward to seeing you and how much the baby has grown. Seeing “Clecky” is always a treat too… 🙂 .


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