A Lesson In Waiting: Joseph

Sometimes life’s problems are overwhelming. They surround us like a dense fog, preventing us from seeing past them. It’s times like these when hearing about another’s problems can make your own not seem quite as bad as they did before. Especially if, when hearing of their problems, you can also see God’s involment in handling their outcome.

As you can tell by the title, today’s post is about Joseph. He is a great example of how to go about waiting on the Lord and His timing.

Joseph was a miracle to his parents. His mother, Rachel, was barren for around 26 years before giving birth to him. I can only imagine the advice and lessons in patience he received in reference to that. I wonder if that is one of the things he kept in his mind and heart during his 20 year wait for God’s plan for his life to come to fruition?

That’s right, I said 20 years. It took that long from when Joseph dreamed his first dream to when he was second in command over Egypt and his brothers sought help from him, unknowingly, during the famine.

One of the things I love about Joseph’s story is the many times that the Bible says, “And the Lord was with Joseph” or that someone “saw that the Lord was with him.” Through all the trials that he went through, it was always aparent who he ultimately served and God blessed him for it.

As you go through life’s many trials, are people able to say the same about you? Though you are having a tough time, are they still able to see the joy of the Lord in you? Just something to think about.


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