The Beauty of God’s Creation

We recently took a family vacation and got to enjoy several amazing things that put us in awe of God’s creation. If you have ever been to a cave you know what I’m talking about. If not, then keep reading and you’ll get to see some pictures.

Fantastic Caverns is unique because instead of walking on the tour, you get to ride around the cave. It just amazes me how huge some of the formations are!


Meramec Caverns is by far my favorite. I don’t know if it’s because of the size of the cave, or the size of it’s formations. Either way, it’s absolutely breathtaking.


Ruby Falls was interesting because it is a cavern and not a cave. It has less formations but the enormous rocks and huge stone slabs leave you feeling quite small in comparison. Not to mention the huge underground waterfall at the end!

This next one is not a cave, but it is beautiful all the same. Rock City Gardens made me feel like a child again. It gave me the urge to want to climb and explore all that was there. The view from the top is a little dizzying, but it’s really cool that you can see seven states at once.

Though pictures cannot do justice to the beauty of it all, I hope you can get a taste of His wonderous creation. I hope it reminds you that if He took such care to create these amazing lifeless things, how much more love and care went into creating you!


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