Growth in Darkness

Today I want to share an excerpt out of a wonderful book by Oswald Chambers called "My Utmost For His Highest". It is an amazing daily devotional that I have been reading for a few years now and I thoroughly enjoy it. This excerpt comes from the February 14th reading. "What I tell you in… Continue reading Growth in Darkness

Cooking, Recipe

Marinated Tilapia

As promised on my about me page, here's a quick and easy recipe I hope you'll enjoy. I had the idea for this recipe last week when I wanted a little more than just a salad. I knew I wanted some protein and a little zing and most importantly, something that would cook quickly since… Continue reading Marinated Tilapia


The Beauty of God’s Creation

We recently took a family vacation and got to enjoy several amazing things that put us in awe of God's creation. If you have ever been to a cave you know what I'm talking about. If not, then keep reading and you'll get to see some pictures. Fantastic Caverns is unique because instead of walking… Continue reading The Beauty of God’s Creation


A Lesson In Waiting: Joseph

Sometimes life's problems are overwhelming. They surround us like a dense fog, preventing us from seeing past them. It's times like these when hearing about another's problems can make your own not seem quite as bad as they did before. Especially if, when hearing of their problems, you can also see God's involment in handling… Continue reading A Lesson In Waiting: Joseph



All of us have times in our lives where it seems impossible for any good to come out of a situation. In fact, all we seem to be able to see is what is wrong. Here is a story I recently heard that made me consider looking at my situations with a different perspective: The… Continue reading Perspective


The Protection of the Lord

As we admire God’s handiwork in His many different creations we can often be reminded of His promises to us. As I was watching our pet turtle the other day I began thinking of his protective shell and how turtles, when threatened, can tuck themselves completely inside that shell and avoid things that could harm… Continue reading The Protection of the Lord